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Firefaucet Review – Scam Or Legit ?

BEST PTC and Faucet

Name Coin Details Reward Payout To Claim
coinpayu LEGIT  Bitcoin (BTC)Bitcoin(BTC) PTC,surf,offers 25 Satoshis hh Claim 
grab new Bitcoin (BTC)Bitcoin(BTC) surf,Faucet,ShortLink 30 Satoshis FaucetPay Claim 
btcbux new scam Bitcoin (BTC)Bitcoin(BTC) PTC,Faucet,ShortLink 30 Satoshis FaucetPay Claim 
Adbtc.Top Bitcoin (BTC)Bitcoin(BTC) PTC,surf 30 Satoshis Btc Wallet Claim 
LarvelFaucet Bitcoin (BTC)Multicoin Faucet,Offer,ShortLink 25 Satoshis ExpressCrypto Claim 
Adeth new Bitcoin (BTC)Ethereum(ETH) surf,ShortLink 0000228ETH FaucetPay Claim Bitcoin (BTC)Bitcoin(BTC) PTC,Mining 50 Satoshis Btc Wallet Claim 
Faucetcrypto hot Bitcoin (BTC)Multicoin PTC, Faucet,ShortLink 40 Satoshis Faucetpay Claim 
Fire Faucet Bitcoin (BTC)Multicoin PTC, Faucet,ShortLink 20 Satoshis Btc Wallet Claim 
Auto Faucet Bitcoin (BTC)Multicoin Faucet,ShortLink 25 Satoshis ExpressCrypto Claim 
Auto Claim Bitcoin (BTC)Multicoin Faucet,ShortLink 25 Satoshis ExpressCrypto Claim 
Adbit new Bitcoin (BTC)Bitcoin(BTC) PTC,surf 25 Satoshis Btc Wallet Claim 
faucetcoin new Bitcoin (BTC)Bitcoin(BTC) PTC,surf,Faucet 20 Satoshis Faucetpay Claim 



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